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Alternate DDR1 for IMX23 - What defines or DDR settings need changing?

Question asked by ssdac on Nov 21, 2013

A new ALLIANCE DDR1 (AS4C32M16D1-5TCN) is available now from Digikey (and elsewhere) for just $2.12 and there are 10,000 in stock in the US now.

We would like to use this in our IMX23 product due to great availability and very low cost.


Unfortunately , when I solder in the "compatible" Alliance DDR1 I get these messages (Linux and WinCe)

Undefined Instruction  r14_


Both data sheets are here

This is the Alliance

This is the MICRON that is used witht the Freescale EVK and their BSP


We looked at the BSP for CE and see DDR setup in XLDR.C  (InitSDRAM) , but we have had no success modifing the code based on the 2 data sheets. So far we have lowered the clock to 96MHZ and changed drive levels (to both 4ma and 16ma) ..but we do not see any changes indicating this is helping to solve the problem.


If it is hardware or chip compatibility we see NO difference is the data sheets.

If it is timing, we do not see any other tools or settings beyond the DDR registers and Drive levels (see xldr-rev.c attached)


Here are the errors in both Linux and WinCE. If you have any suggestions for changing the WinCE,BSP we can try it right away as this is our primary OS.





LINUX  u-Boot

PowerPrep start initialize power...
Battery Voltage = 0.65V
No battery or bad battery                                       detected!!!.Disabling battery                                   voltage measurements./r/nLLCMay 11 201215:26:EMI_CTRL 0x1C08404

init_ddr_mt46v32m10Frac 0x92926192
Undefined Instruction


WINCE  (FreeScale EVK)

+                  << this is our debug before calling InitSDram
LLJ              << The "L" character debug is in the ROM
Data Abort   << this is due to ALLIANCE DDR installation this sometimes says "prefetch abort"

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