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Connection error with USB multilink: TWR-MCF5441X (updated firmware) and CodeWarrior 10.5

Question asked by Rob Withoff on Nov 20, 2013

I inherited a project at work that requires the MCF4551x board for development, so I inherited the tower kit along with it.


New computer, Windows 7.

- CodeWarrior for MCU

  Version: 10.5

  Build Id:130916


TWR-MCF5441x board updated to

CFV234 OSBDM/OSJTAG device firmware v 31.21 (latest)


All drivers updated from the PEMicro website.




I can see the comm light flashing on the board, but the P&E Connection Assistant pops up showing an error.


Log files attached.


Basically, I create a new barebones "hello world" project, build (no errors), and try to run, and that's when the comm error pops up.


I suspect I have a configuration error somewhere, but I am having a difficult time finding information on just an initial setup and debug session that covers when things don't work.


Any help?

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