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TWR_LCD    FB_R/W_B  signal

Question asked by rabbit on Nov 20, 2013

I use TWR_LCD as reference to build our human interface

prototype, everything works except it sometimes losing pixel,

this makes the display ugly.


It seems the eGUI library works fine.  I find when the K60 write

data to the LCD,  the last line is randomly missing pixel.


The TWR_LCD use SSD1289, everything is fine. But my

prototype use SSD2119, both are very similar, but it losing



I check the signal, FB_CS0n and D/C line is fine, but the

FB_R/W_B  signal is always low, both TWR_LCD and my

board are same for all those signal. According the SSD1289

and SSD2119 datasheet, the WR signal should go to low

during word writing and go high afterwards.


The "FB_R/W_B  signal always low"  is correct?

How to make the FB_R/W_B go to high after word writing?