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_timer_create_component problem

Question asked by Ezequiel Wortman on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by soledad

When I try to compile the code of the Timer  example (on another project) for MQX on a KWIKSTIK, i get the message: "undefined: "timer create component"" any clues?? Also the same message with _timer_start_periodic_at_ticks


This is the main code


void Main_task(uint_32 initial_data)



    MQX_TICK_STRUCT dticks;

    _timer_id       on_timer;



    uint_8          time = 6; // time in seconds




  _timer_create_component(TIMER_TASK_PRIORITY, TIMER_STACK_SIZE);



  _time_init_ticks(&dticks, 0);

  _time_add_sec_to_ticks(&dticks, 2);





       _time_add_sec_to_ticks(&ticks, 1);


       on_timer = _timer_start_periodic_at_ticks(PWM_on, 0, TIMER_ELAPSED_TIME_MODE, &ticks, &dticks);


       _time_add_sec_to_ticks(&ticks, 1);