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9S12P Codewarrior S-Record problem with CyclonePro

Question asked by chris bourassa on Nov 20, 2013
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I have a brain wracking issue that I can't seem to figure out.


I've got a simple program for my 9S12P128 created in Codewarrior and it runs great in the debugger. Now I'm trying to use the .phy file to program the microcontroller using PROG12Z from PE Micro.


I have the Codewarrior (12v5.1) burner settings set to not generate S7 records. I have the correct processor family selected and I'm debugging / programming using the Cyclone Pro.


Here is a copy of what the normally generated .phy and .s19 files look like in the bin folder of my project.







I know that I can not use the .s19 file to program my microcontroller because it requires physical addressing. Therefore I need to use the .phy file. However, when I use PROG12Z from PE Micro, it gives me an error and tells me that there isn't any data.


The weird thing is that when I use their tool to convert the .s19 to a .phy file, I get a different looking .phy file than what codewarrior produces.



Using the above .phy file to program my microcontroller, it doesn't work. I'm sure it doesn't work because there is no S8 or S9 record that tells the program where to start....and I have no idea why.


This is my first time posting and I hope I'm not posting this issue in the wrong place or leaving out too much information. I've been reading everywhere about this and can't find any other person who has this issue. They all seem to use the Codewarrior generated phy file with no issues.


Thanks for taking a look at my problem.


Regards, CJ