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What choices and packages in Linux to obtain a webserver, and a browser (or other solutions) running local with dynamic data coming from M4/MQX?

Question asked by Alessandro Urbano on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by Timesys Support

Hi everyone,

now I have this problem.

With timesys linux,I would obtain a solution with:

1) A nice UI (not 3D), only one or two modular pages for all the system

2) Very Fast response to commands given by a keypad

3) Remotable from Ipad,Iphone,Android,Pc, and so on...

4) Dynamic data will come from M4/MQX



What do you think that could be the best solution?I think about a WebServer running on the Vybrid System,a Browser with HTML5 support,maybe with webgl support. But it could be possible,according to our four rules?There is another solution, something hybrid like use QT with HTML5 and complete with other device dependent  environment/language to complete the common code through different platforms or other solutions that could be the best for us?


There is already some ready-made by Timesys?