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How to solve the "Upgrading debug configuration" in DS-5

Question asked by David Lee Employee on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Mehmet Ali Ipin


I had tested the twrvf65gs10 sample code like as "hello" using Eclipse for DS-5.

I had followed the sequences on "MQX-DS5-Getting-Started.pdf"

But I had met the problem on section "3.1 Debugging Primary Core - MQX Hello World program"

Even though compile was success, I met the pop-up window like as below image when select the "Debug Configurations..." -> "DS-5 Debugger" -> "hello_twrvf65gs10_a5_Int_Ram_Debug".


After that, "Debug" button does not enabled like as below.



Even though I had tried to find out the solution for this, still I can't find out it.


If anyone know the solution for this behavior, could you give me the advise or solution for this?