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Yocto: new machines/images

Question asked by termiflyer on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Yiping Wang

Machines are in the meta-fsl-ppc layer.


Images are in the meta-fsl-networking layer.


If I want to create my own machine and my own image (for our p4080 target), do you recommend (a) creating a machine.conf file in the meta-fsl-pcc layer and a fsl-image-*.bb file in the meta-fsl-networking layer, or (b) creating our own layer(s) with machine/image directories that builds on the fsl layers?


(a) is easy, but (b) seems like the proper way to proceed.  However, there is quite a bit of custom code in fsl-setup-poky that wouldn't pay attention to a non-FSL layer.


If (b) is proper, can you provide an example?