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"Flash Programmer" mistake

Question asked by Clovis Boutin on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by Hui_Ma



I am working on TWR-K70F120M board, with CodeWarrior for MCU 10.5

I usually start from a bareboard project, with no processor expert, no MQX.

After several successful runs and debugs with a simple LED chaser program, I wanted to load the program so the board can still run after a reset (which is not the case in run mode).

I tried the CW option "Flash Programmer" -> "Flash File to Target". Then I selected my "ledchaser.elf" file and made an "erase and program" operation.


Now, when I try to load a program (even the counter default program) in debug or run mode, FLASH or RAM, I get no errors but nothing happens on the board.

In debug mode, I get :    no source available for "0x6576206C (0x6576206C)()".


So I would be able to run and debug bareboard programs (no RTOS) as before. I would also know how to write programs which not disapears when I reset.


Thanks in advance.