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Changing External Clock Configuration on Kinetis_120MZ_SC

Question asked by Mithun P on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by Guillaume Tiffineau

Hi All,


My customer is using 30MHZ crystal in their target board and want to use UART0 for communication, I have downloaded Kinetis_120MZ_SC sample code and in the hello_Word program and in the Trw-K60F120M.h  there is below settings, If I want to change the crystal value CLK1_FREQ_HZ to 30000000 & TERM_PORT to UART0 does it support.


Please let me know if other settings need to be configured


#define CLK1_FREQ_HZ        12000000

  #define CLK1_TYPE           CRYSTAL


/* Serial Port Info */

  #define TERM_PORT           UART5_BASE_PTR