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K60DN512VLL10 based custom board. "Strange problem with RTC"...

Question asked by CHANDRASEKAR KANNIAPPAN on Nov 18, 2013

Hello there
   My setup:      i).    MCU used   : K60DN512VLL10       ii).   Development Env  : Keil uVision      iii).  Debugger  : pEMultilink Universal   

NOTE:   My project is up and working fine on the board but we are encountering a strange problem with RTC.

In the user config I have enabled "BSPCFG_ENABLE_RTCDEV", in the hardware, we have VBAT in place and a 32kHz clock source in place.


Code snippet:

void setTime()


    time_rtc.YEAR     = 2013;

    time_rtc.MONTH    = 10;

    time_rtc.DAY      = 30;

    time_rtc.HOUR     = 20;

    time_rtc.MINUTE   =  6;

    time_rtc.SECOND   =  0;

    time_rtc.MILLISEC =  0;


   _time_from_date (&time_rtc, &time_mqx);

   _time_set( &time_mqx);




void ReadTime()


  _rtc_sync_with_mqx (FALSE);

  _time_get (&time_mqx);

  _time_to_date (&time_mqx, &time_rtc);

  printf ("\nCurrent Time : %02d.%02d.%4d %02d:%02d:%02d \n", time_rtc.DAY,   time_rtc.MONTH,  time_rtc.YEAR,

                                                                                                time_rtc.HOUR, time_rtc.MINUTE,  time_rtc.SECOND);


I use above code to set time(30-10-2013 20:06:00), the time is getting set. Now I comment off the above code and flash it again so that time is not set every time i reset the HW.

Then when I power OFF and ON the HW (no matter how long I power off), when I read time only 2 secs had been incremented(30-10-2013 20:06:02).


What could be the problem? Please give me any reference or workaround...