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"Unhandled Interrupt" in "fopen" with LPM enabled.

Question asked by Myke Predko on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Myke Predko

I'm trying to implement the low power modes on my product but I am receiving an "Unhandled Interrupt" message for my serial (Bluetooth) task when I open a (interrupt enabled) serial port using "fopen". 


I have tried adding the "_int_install_unexpected_isr();" statement with no luck.  "user_config.h" has the port (UART0/ittya enabled).  I'm running MQX 4.0.1.


I cannot find any reference to how I should handle the interrupt in the MQX documentation, AN4447 or AN4503 as well as searching the support forums. 


I have attached the serial code that I am using - it connects to a serial port in the product.  I am running this on my custom board with a K20 (which has a custom BSP) as well as a TWRK60N512 board with the standard BSP (and UART0/ittya) enabled, so I don't think it's an error with my BSP.  Note that the code in BT.c works fine when "MQX_ENABLE_LOW_POWER" is set to 0 - the problem comes up when I set "MQX_ENABLE_LOW_POWER" to 1. 


I should point out that when I use a serial port (UART3/ittyd) as my "iodebug" port (for "printf"), there isn't any error. 


I'm very sure that this is due to a lack of knowledge in the correct way to set up the interrupt based serial port in an LPM enabled system.  Any documentation references or example code would be appreciated. 





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