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makefile generation bug with CW 10.5

Question asked by Jonathan Campbell on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2013 by Jonathan Campbell

Hi Guys,

I have a possible makefile generation bug when using processor expert and CW 10.5.

Even though I've told the tool to "Create Flash Image", "Create Extended Listing", and "Print Size" in the project properties -> C/C++ Build ->Settings -> Additional Tools menu, the makefile targets aren't executed when built. The *.elf file is generated but not the additional targets.


I've traced the issue down to the makefile. It looks like 1 of 2 things were supposed to happen by the makefile generator, but they didn't.

There are targets for *.hex, *.lst, *.siz but they're NOT in the deps list for the "explicit-dependencies" target. Instead, the target contains 3 copies of the original *.elf target. My best guess is the generator isn't taking the extension of the target into account. These 3 deps disappear if I turn off the check boxes in the settings menu.


There is also a makefile var named "secondary-outputs". This rule is called by make but the variables contained in the deps list are completely empty.

I take it an engineer was changing from / to one method of putting the additional targets of the list of targets, but wasn't able to complete the task by release time.


I don't know if this is an Eclipse issue or a CW 10.5 issue.