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imx53 mfw_isink vssconfig configuration

Question asked by Janis Coders on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez

Hi, we are developing our custom board based on imx53 QSB using Yocto building system. Recently tried to use mfw_isink element, which allows to display multiple videos

on the same display at the same time. I am no specialist in Linux graphic system (framebuffer, x11), so it would be great if someone explained me these issues:


1) When I boot board with lvds screen without any configurations, I have everything as expected - the linux boot information with login prompt can bee seen on display.

If I play video or live camera using mfw_v4lsink, everything plaus fine fullscreen and goes back to previous display.

BUT playing videos with mfw_isink doesn't work out of the box. I read somewhere that /usr/share/vssconfig has to be changed and set fb to 0.

What really is this vssconfig file? Is there a documentation available? What does this command (fb) do and why it is set to 1 by default?


2) The multimedia documentation says that I have to set this env variable (export VSALPHA=1). I don't really understand the purpose of it and is it really needed?


3) If I play anything with mfw_isink then at first time video is playing, but everything is blinking in many colours. After that the display doesn't go back to previous

state like it does for mfw_v4lsink (i.e. the login screen isn't displayed anymore). It isn't refreshed in reality, because I can see the little blinking underscore only.

Playing video again it plays without colour blinking.


4) After a while video playing using mfw_v4lsink doesn't work anymore (it works, but nothing is being displayed. Probably something has timed out or somthing).

Anyway mfw_isink still shows video at this state.


It would be great if someone answered at least to some of these questions. Thatnk you (it would be great, getting isink to work, because it is really powerful)