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How to set VF3x core clock to 266 MHz?

Question asked by Mehmet Ali Ipin on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2013 by Mehmet Ali Ipin

Dear Sir/Madam,


I have a protoype board for VF3x. I am using DS-5 and MQX to test it. Since MQX is prepared for tower kit, the core clock is set to 399 MHz in clocks.init() in init_hw.c file, as below:


    // wait to lock pll

    while ((Anadig_PLL_LOCK & PLL_LOCKS) != PLL_LOCKS);


    // ARM_CLK: SYS_CLK/1 = 396Mhz

    // BUS_CLK: ARM_CLK/3 = 132Mhz

    // IGP_CLK: BUS_CLK/2 = 66Mhz

    // AUDIO_DIV:  73Mhz ??



There are definitions for the CCM_CACRR_ARM_CLK_DIV() in MVF50GS10MK50.h file as:


#define CCM_CACRR_ARM_CLK_DIV_MASK               0x7u

#define CCM_CACRR_ARM_CLK_DIV_SHIFT              0

#define CCM_CACRR_ARM_CLK_DIV(x)                 (((uint32_t)(((uint32_t)(x))<<CCM_CACRR_ARM_CLK_DIV_SHIFT))&CCM_CACRR_ARM_CLK_DIV_MASK)


But it is not easy to reach a result from this line for me. How can I set the core frequency to 266 MHz? ( I guess it is the maximum frequency for VF3x)


Thanks and best regards.


Mehmet Ali Ipin