Unused power pins

Discussion created by jiri-b36968 Employee on Nov 15, 2013

Dear Vybrid users,

In DataSheet rev.5 is information regarding connection for unused analog interfaces, which is not suitable in all cases. New revision of DataSheet is coming. Since it is here please use this recommendation:


There are two options how to handle with unused power pins:

1. Connect all unused supplies to their respective voltage. To save the power do not enable the module and/or not enable clock gate to the module.

2. Keep all unused supplies floating.


If a pin is shared by several peripheral, then all peripherals connected to multiplexer have to be powered. For example: if pin is shared by GPIO and ADC input and only GPIO functionality is used, then ADC has to be powered due to internal structure of the multiplexer.


Keep unused input signals grounded if power pins are powered. Keep unused input signals floating if power pins are floating.


Keep unused output signals floating.