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Spend current in MC9S12P64 STOP mode

Question asked by Byungwoo Park on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by iggi



I am implementing full stop mode using S12P64.


     CPMUPROT = 0x26;

     CPMUOSC_OSCE=0; // full stop mode

     CPMUCLKS_PSTP=0; // full stop mode

     CPMUPROT = 0x01;

     asm ANDCC #0x7F;     // Stop Mode Enable

     asm STOP;                   // stop mode


I checked XTAL through Oscilloscope and there is no oscillation.

But still main loop is working and ECU spend current (7mA)

I used external Oscillator (CPMUOSC_OSCE=1) for source clock.


Should I do more thing?


Please help me..Thanks.