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Bring up a imx6 board

Question asked by Kyle Johnson on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez

I have a kernel and code working for a sabre-lite board. We made a custom board that simplifies the design of the sabre-lite and adds peripherals we need for our project. The board gets up and running. I am using the manufacturing tool to try and set it up. It will talk to the board through the otg usb port and I get serial data back through the terminal. I get stuck up when I try to write the uboot to the sd card. Here is the profile I am using.


<LIST name="Sabre-lite-SPI_NOR & SD card" desc="Choose SPI-NOR/SD as media">

    <CMD state="BootStrap" type="boot" body="BootStrap" file ="files/u-boot-mx6q-sabrelite.bin" >Loading uboot.</CMD>

    <CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="uImage" address="0x10800000"

        loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE" >Doing Kernel.</CMD>

    <CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="initramfs.cpio.gz.uboot" address="0x10C00000"

        loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE" >Doing Initramfs.</CMD>

    <CMD state="BootStrap" type="jump" > Jumping to OS image. </CMD>


    <!--burn the uboot to SPI-NOR: -->

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ ls /dev/*"/>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 seek=1536 count=16">clean up u-boot parameter</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="send" file="files/u-boot-mx6q-sabrelite">Sending U-Boot</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ dd if=$FILE of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 seek=2 skip=2">write U-Boot to sd card</CMD>


    <!-- partitioning the SD card: -->

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="send" file="">Sending partition shell</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ tar xf $FILE "> Partitioning...</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ sh /dev/mmcblk0"> Partitioning SD card now...</CMD>


    <!-- burn the kernel: -->

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="send" file="files/uImage">Sending kernel uImage</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ dd if=$FILE of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M seek=1 conv=fsync">write kernel image to sd card</CMD>


    <!-- burn the rootfs: -->

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ mkfs.ext3 -j /dev/mmcblk0p1">Formatting rootfs partition</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ mkdir -p /mnt/mmcblk0p1"/>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ mount -t ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/mmcblk0p1"/>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="pipe tar -jxv -C /mnt/mmcblk0p1" file="files/rootfs.tar.bz2">Sending and writting rootfs</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="frf">Finishing rootfs write</CMD>

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ umount /mnt/mmcblk0p1">Unmounting rootfs partition</CMD>


    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ echo Update Complete!">Done</CMD>



Here is the terminal feedback


UTP: received command '$ ls /dev/*'

UTP: executing "ls /dev/*"

/dev/XOR                 /dev/ptyua               /dev/ttydb

/dev/apm_bios            /dev/ptyub               /dev/ttydc

/dev/console             /dev/ptyuc               /dev/ttydd

/dev/cpu_dma_latency     /dev/ptyud               /dev/ttyde

/dev/crypto              /dev/ptyue               /dev/ttydf

/dev/fb                  /dev/ptyuf               /dev/ttye0

/dev/fb0                 /dev/ptyv0               /dev/ttye1

/dev/fb1                 /dev/ptyv1               /dev/ttye2

/dev/fb2                 /dev/ptyv2               /dev/ttye3

/dev/fb3                 /dev/ptyv3               /dev/ttye4

/dev/fb4                 /dev/ptyv4               /dev/ttye5

/dev/full                /dev/ptyv5               /dev/ttye6

/dev/i2c-0               /dev/ptyv6               /dev/ttye7

/dev/i2c-1               /dev/ptyv7               /dev/ttye8

/dev/i2c-2               /dev/ptyv8               /dev/ttye9

/dev/kmem                /dev/ptyv9               /dev/ttyea

/dev/kmsg                /dev/ptyva               /dev/ttyeb

/dev/loop0               /dev/ptyvb               /dev/ttyec

/dev/loop1               /dev/ptyvc               /dev/ttyed

/dev/loop2               /dev/ptyvd               /dev/ttyee

/dev/loop3               /dev/ptyve               /dev/ttyef

/dev/loop4               /dev/ptyvf               /dev/ttymxc0

/dev/loop5               /dev/ptyw0               /dev/ttymxc1

/dev/loop6               /dev/ptyw1               /dev/ttyp0

/dev/loop7               /dev/ptyw2               /dev/ttyp1

/dev/mem                 /dev/ptyw3               /dev/ttyp2

/dev/mmcblk0             /dev/ptyw4               /dev/ttyp3

/dev/mmcblk0p1           /dev/ptyw5               /dev/ttyp4

/dev/mtd0                /dev/ptyw6               /dev/ttyp5

/dev/mtd0ro              /dev/ptyw7               /dev/ttyp6

/dev/mtd1                /dev/ptyw8               /dev/ttyp7

/dev/mtd1ro              /dev/ptyw9               /dev/ttyp8

/dev/mtdblock0           /dev/ptywa               /dev/ttyp9

/dev/mtdblock1           /dev/ptywb               /dev/ttypa

/dev/mxc_asrc            /dev/ptywc               /dev/ttypb

/dev/mxc_hdmi            /dev/ptywd               /dev/ttypc

/dev/mxc_ipu             /dev/ptywe               /dev/ttypd

/dev/mxc_mem             /dev/ptywf               /dev/ttype

/dev/mxc_vpu             /dev/ptyx0               /dev/ttypf

/dev/mxs_viim            /dev/ptyx1               /dev/ttyq0

/dev/network_latency     /dev/ptyx2               /dev/ttyq1

/dev/network_throughput  /dev/ptyx3               /dev/ttyq2

/dev/null                /dev/ptyx4               /dev/ttyq3

/dev/psaux               /dev/ptyx5               /dev/ttyq4

/dev/ptmx                /dev/ptyx6               /dev/ttyq5

/dev/ptya0               /dev/ptyx7               /dev/ttyq6

/dev/ptya1               /dev/ptyx8               /dev/ttyq7

/dev/ptya2               /dev/ptyx9               /dev/ttyq8

/dev/ptya3               /dev/ptyxa               /dev/ttyq9

/dev/ptya4               /dev/ptyxb               /dev/ttyqa

/dev/ptya5               /dev/ptyxc               /dev/ttyqb

/dev/ptya6               /dev/ptyxd               /dev/ttyqc

/dev/ptya7               /dev/ptyxe               /dev/ttyqd

/dev/ptya8               /dev/ptyxf               /dev/ttyqe

/dev/ptya9               /dev/ptyy0               /dev/ttyqf

/dev/ptyaa               /dev/ptyy1               /dev/ttyr0

/dev/ptyab               /dev/ptyy2               /dev/ttyr1

/dev/ptyac               /dev/ptyy3               /dev/ttyr2

/dev/ptyad               /dev/ptyy4               /dev/ttyr3

/dev/ptyae               /dev/ptyy5               /dev/ttyr4

/dev/ptyaf               /dev/ptyy6               /dev/ttyr5

/dev/ptyb0               /dev/ptyy7               /dev/ttyr6

/dev/ptyb1               /dev/ptyy8               /dev/ttyr7

/dev/ptyb2               /dev/ptyy9               /dev/ttyr8

/dev/ptyb3               /dev/ptyya               /dev/ttyr9

/dev/ptyb4               /dev/ptyyb               /dev/ttyra

/dev/ptyb5               /dev/ptyyc               /dev/ttyrb

/dev/ptyb6               /dev/ptyyd               /dev/ttyrc

/dev/ptyb7               /dev/ptyye               /dev/ttyrd

/dev/ptyb8               /dev/ptyyf               /dev/ttyre

/dev/ptyb9               /dev/ptyz0               /dev/ttyrf

/dev/ptyba               /dev/ptyz1               /dev/ttys0

/dev/ptybb               /dev/ptyz2               /dev/ttys1

/dev/ptybc               /dev/ptyz3               /dev/ttys2

/dev/ptybd               /dev/ptyz4               /dev/ttys3

/dev/ptybe               /dev/ptyz5               /dev/ttys4

/dev/ptybf               /dev/ptyz6               /dev/ttys5

/dev/ptyc0               /dev/ptyz7               /dev/ttys6

/dev/ptyc1               /dev/ptyz8               /dev/ttys7

/dev/ptyc2               /dev/ptyz9               /dev/ttys8

/dev/ptyc3               /dev/ptyza               /dev/ttys9

/dev/ptyc4               /dev/ptyzb               /dev/ttysa

/dev/ptyc5               /dev/ptyzc               /dev/ttysb

/dev/ptyc6               /dev/ptyzd               /dev/ttysc

/dev/ptyc7               /dev/ptyze               /dev/ttysd

/dev/ptyc8               /dev/ptyzf               /dev/ttyse

/dev/ptyc9               /dev/random              /dev/ttysf

/dev/ptyca               /dev/rfkill              /dev/ttyt0

/dev/ptycb               /dev/rtc                 /dev/ttyt1

/dev/ptycc               /dev/rtc0                /dev/ttyt2

/dev/ptycd               /dev/tracebuf            /dev/ttyt3

/dev/ptyce               /dev/tty                 /dev/ttyt4

/dev/ptycf               /dev/tty0                /dev/ttyt5

/dev/ptyd0               /dev/tty1                /dev/ttyt6

/dev/ptyd1               /dev/tty10               /dev/ttyt7

/dev/ptyd2               /dev/tty11               /dev/ttyt8

/dev/ptyd3               /dev/tty12               /dev/ttyt9

/dev/ptyd4               /dev/tty13               /dev/ttyta

/dev/ptyd5               /dev/tty14               /dev/ttytb

/dev/ptyd6               /dev/tty15               /dev/ttytc

/dev/ptyd7               /dev/tty16               /dev/ttytd

/dev/ptyd8               /dev/tty17               /dev/ttyte

/dev/ptyd9               /dev/tty18               /dev/ttytf

/dev/ptyda               /dev/tty19               /dev/ttyu0

/dev/ptydb               /dev/tty2                /dev/ttyu1

/dev/ptydc               /dev/tty20               /dev/ttyu2

/dev/ptydd               /dev/tty21               /dev/ttyu3

/dev/ptyde               /dev/tty22               /dev/ttyu4

/dev/ptydf               /dev/tty23               /dev/ttyu5

/dev/ptye0               /dev/tty24               /dev/ttyu6

/dev/ptye1               /dev/tty25               /dev/ttyu7

/dev/ptye2               /dev/tty26               /dev/ttyu8

/dev/ptye3               /dev/tty27               /dev/ttyu9

/dev/ptye4               /dev/tty28               /dev/ttyua

/dev/ptye5               /dev/tty29               /dev/ttyub

/dev/ptye6               /dev/tty3                /dev/ttyuc

/dev/ptye7               /dev/tty30               /dev/ttyud

/dev/ptye8               /dev/tty31               /dev/ttyue

/dev/ptye9               /dev/tty32               /dev/ttyuf

/dev/ptyea               /dev/tty33               /dev/ttyv0

/dev/ptyeb               /dev/tty34               /dev/ttyv1

/dev/ptyec               /dev/tty35               /dev/ttyv2

/dev/ptyed               /dev/tty36               /dev/ttyv3

/dev/ptyee               /dev/tty37               /dev/ttyv4

/dev/ptyef               /dev/tty38               /dev/ttyv5

/dev/ptyp0               /dev/tty39               /dev/ttyv6

/dev/ptyp1               /dev/tty4                /dev/ttyv7

/dev/ptyp2               /dev/tty40               /dev/ttyv8

/dev/ptyp3               /dev/tty41               /dev/ttyv9

/dev/ptyp4               /dev/tty42               /dev/ttyva

/dev/ptyp5               /dev/tty43               /dev/ttyvb

/dev/ptyp6               /dev/tty44               /dev/ttyvc

/dev/ptyp7               /dev/tty45               /dev/ttyvd

/dev/ptyp8               /dev/tty46               /dev/ttyve

/dev/ptyp9               /dev/tty47               /dev/ttyvf

/dev/ptypa               /dev/tty48               /dev/ttyw0

/dev/ptypb               /dev/tty49               /dev/ttyw1

/dev/ptypc               /dev/tty5                /dev/ttyw2

/dev/ptypd               /dev/tty50               /dev/ttyw3

/dev/ptype               /dev/tty51               /dev/ttyw4

/dev/ptypf               /dev/tty52               /dev/ttyw5

/dev/ptyq0               /dev/tty53               /dev/ttyw6

/dev/ptyq1               /dev/tty54               /dev/ttyw7

/dev/ptyq2               /dev/tty55               /dev/ttyw8

/dev/ptyq3               /dev/tty56               /dev/ttyw9

/dev/ptyq4               /dev/tty57               /dev/ttywa

/dev/ptyq5               /dev/tty58               /dev/ttywb

/dev/ptyq6               /dev/tty59               /dev/ttywc

/dev/ptyq7               /dev/tty6                /dev/ttywd

/dev/ptyq8               /dev/tty60               /dev/ttywe

/dev/ptyq9               /dev/tty61               /dev/ttywf

/dev/ptyqa               /dev/tty62               /dev/ttyx0

/dev/ptyqb               /dev/tty63               /dev/ttyx1

/dev/ptyqc               /dev/tty7                /dev/ttyx2

/dev/ptyqd               /dev/tty8                /dev/ttyx3

/dev/ptyqe               /dev/tty9                /dev/ttyx4

/dev/ptyqf               /dev/ttya0               /dev/ttyx5

/dev/ptyr0               /dev/ttya1               /dev/ttyx6

/dev/ptyr1               /dev/ttya2               /dev/ttyx7

/dev/ptyr2               /dev/ttya3               /dev/ttyx8

/dev/ptyr3               /dev/ttya4               /dev/ttyx9

/dev/ptyr4               /dev/ttya5               /dev/ttyxa

/dev/ptyr5               /dev/ttya6               /dev/ttyxb

/dev/ptyr6               /dev/ttya7               /dev/ttyxc

/dev/ptyr7               /dev/ttya8               /dev/ttyxd

/dev/ptyr8               /dev/ttya9               /dev/ttyxe

/dev/ptyr9               /dev/ttyaa               /dev/ttyxf

/dev/ptyra               /dev/ttyab               /dev/ttyy0

/dev/ptyrb               /dev/ttyac               /dev/ttyy1

/dev/ptyrc               /dev/ttyad               /dev/ttyy2

/dev/ptyrd               /dev/ttyae               /dev/ttyy3

/dev/ptyre               /dev/ttyaf               /dev/ttyy4

/dev/ptyrf               /dev/ttyb0               /dev/ttyy5

/dev/ptys0               /dev/ttyb1               /dev/ttyy6

/dev/ptys1               /dev/ttyb2               /dev/ttyy7

/dev/ptys2               /dev/ttyb3               /dev/ttyy8

/dev/ptys3               /dev/ttyb4               /dev/ttyy9

/dev/ptys4               /dev/ttyb5               /dev/ttyya

/dev/ptys5               /dev/ttyb6               /dev/ttyyb

/dev/ptys6               /dev/ttyb7               /dev/ttyyc

/dev/ptys7               /dev/ttyb8               /dev/ttyyd

/dev/ptys8               /dev/ttyb9               /dev/ttyye

/dev/ptys9               /dev/ttyba               /dev/ttyyf

/dev/ptysa               /dev/ttybb               /dev/ttyz0

/dev/ptysb               /dev/ttybc               /dev/ttyz1

/dev/ptysc               /dev/ttybd               /dev/ttyz2

/dev/ptysd               /dev/ttybe               /dev/ttyz3

/dev/ptyse               /dev/ttybf               /dev/ttyz4

/dev/ptysf               /dev/ttyc0               /dev/ttyz5

/dev/ptyt0               /dev/ttyc1               /dev/ttyz6

/dev/ptyt1               /dev/ttyc2               /dev/ttyz7

/dev/ptyt2               /dev/ttyc3               /dev/ttyz8

/dev/ptyt3               /dev/ttyc4               /dev/ttyz9

/dev/ptyt4               /dev/ttyc5               /dev/ttyza

/dev/ptyt5               /dev/ttyc6               /dev/ttyzb

/dev/ptyt6               /dev/ttyc7               /dev/ttyzc

/dev/ptyt7               /dev/ttyc8               /dev/ttyzd

/dev/ptyt8               /dev/ttyc9               /dev/ttyze

/dev/ptyt9               /dev/ttyca               /dev/ttyzf

/dev/ptyta               /dev/ttycb               /dev/ubi_ctrl

/dev/ptytb               /dev/ttycc               /dev/urandom

/dev/ptytc               /dev/ttycd               /dev/utp

/dev/ptytd               /dev/ttyce               /dev/vcs

/dev/ptyte               /dev/ttycf               /dev/vcs1

/dev/ptytf               /dev/ttyd0               /dev/vcsa

/dev/ptyu0               /dev/ttyd1               /dev/vcsa1

/dev/ptyu1               /dev/ttyd2               /dev/vhci

/dev/ptyu2               /dev/ttyd3               /dev/video16

/dev/ptyu3               /dev/ttyd4               /dev/video17

/dev/ptyu4               /dev/ttyd5               /dev/video18

/dev/ptyu5               /dev/ttyd6               /dev/video19

/dev/ptyu6               /dev/ttyd7               /dev/video20

/dev/ptyu7               /dev/ttyd8               /dev/watchdog

/dev/ptyu8               /dev/ttyd9               /dev/zero

/dev/ptyu9               /dev/ttyda



by-id    by-path  by-uuid



mice    uinput







UTP: sending Success to kernel for command $ ls /dev/*.

utp_poll: pass returned.

UTP: received command '$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 seek=1536 count=16'

UTP: executing "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 seek=1536 count=16"

dd: can't open '/dev/mmcblk0': Read-only file system

UTP: sending Non-success to kernel for command $ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 seek=1536 count=16.

utp_poll: exit with status 256