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CMSIS-CORE for K20?  And Freedom K20D50M board?

Question asked by Alfred Fingulin on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by Alfred Fingulin

I'm using a K20 series uP; that's an ARM Cortex M4 with USB.  Until the hardware arrives, I'm using a Freedom K20D50M board.  I also have a need to be ARM CMSIS compliant; CMSIS-CORE specifically.  The CMSIS calls out three vendor-supplied files:


-- start_<device>.s, for uP startup code

-- system_<device>.c/.h containing device config and system init

-- < device>.h defining uP peripheral registers and such


Is it correct to say that these are not available from Freescale?

Would Processor Expert generate these?

Or some other BSP?

Or do I create these for myself using K20 sample code?