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WiFi direct feature on Android JB. release.

Question asked by sandesh gowda on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Muhammad Salih
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Hi All,

Here i'm using Ath9 series of chips for WiFi-BT, when i disable wifi-direct feature on Freescale Android JB. version, wiFi feature works and when i enable, it fails with following error.

D/CommandListener( 2171): Setting iface cfg

D/CommandListener( 2171): Trying to bring down wlan0

E/WifiHW  ( 2547): wifi_start_supplicant p2p=1

E/WifiHW  ( 2547): Wi-Fi will ensure config file exist

E/WifiHW  ( 2547): start supplicant cmd=p2p_supplicant

I/wpa_supplicant( 3178): Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant

I/wpa_supplicant( 3178): rfkill: Cannot open RFKILL control device

E/wpa_supplicant( 3178): nl80211: Could not configure driver to use managed mode

E/wpa_supplicant( 3178): Could not read interface p2p0 flags: No such device

E/wpa_supplicant( 3178): p2p0: Failed to initialize driver interface

E/WifiStateMachine( 2547): Failed to start supplicant!

W/Netd    ( 2171): No subsystem found in netlink event

D/NetlinkEvent( 2171): Unexpected netlink message. type=0x11


Fails to enable P2P interface,

Please guide me regarding this issue.



Sandesh D