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ADB on JB422 sabresd mx6q board

Question asked by ASHISH GUPTA on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2015 by 雏丹 王


I am trying to connect sabresd mx6q board using ADB to the Ubuntu host machine.

So far i have figured out the way to enable debugging mode in JB422 image through menus as well as commands on hyper terminal.



ADB server on host machine detects the device in offline mode, because when i connect the RSA key dialog box appears on board that is needed to be clicked OK, after that i hope adb commands should work fine.



1. sabresd board is connected with HDMI display

2. uart usb is connected to hyper terminal pc

3. usb otg is connected to the adb host machine without usb hub



How can i click on RSA key dialog box that appears on HDMI display, when the usb otg is connected to the ADB host?

My USB hub does not seem to solve the problem in this case ,it does not support ADB connection, i do it by directly connecting a usb cable..



Ashish Gupta