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Compile and download but can't see printf string

Question asked by Yusif Nurizade on Nov 12, 2013



I am using a FRDM KE02Z board to do a simple printf() function. I followed the a tutorial off the MCU on Eclipse blog (Tutorial: Printf() with (and without) Processor Expert | MCU on Eclipse). to the t and, though I can build and go into the debug, I cannot see the string I am writing on the port!


Besides following the instructions, I've tried the troubleshooting suggestions in the blog and even used Termite instead of Tera Term which, I normally use. Both are able to see the port but display nothing but a blank screen. I realize how silly it is to be asking for help on such a simple task but I am really at a loss! Would appreciate any advice you can give, my project file is attached.




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