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OTA Bootloader Updates

Question asked by Michael Robbeloth on Nov 11, 2013
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I was wondering if it was possible to use OTA to update the bootloader and if so, what the recommended changes are to enable this to occur. I know section 5.7 of the Android Advanced guide (ICS BSP) discusses how to modify the update archive to update the bootloader via recovery, but was wondering about its applicability to OTA. Also, the instructions for modifying the update zip are a little vague when it mentions, " need to perform some sys file operation before dd," -- it would be great to know what this means exactly. I would prefer to make the changes to the ota_from_target_files script rather than do something after the fact as is mentioned with update archive (why isn't the recommended path to update source files bootable/recovery?). Thanks.


Michael Robbeloth