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Can a car memorize the whole route?

Question asked by joe-sixpack on Nov 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by Flavio Stiffan

Hello, In the recent light of last finals I would like to clarify one specific ability of the car and a certain situation. My question is as follows:

Can a car memorize the whole route or a part of it and use it to win the race?


If this feature of the car isn't prohibited and the TFC 2014 EMEA Challenge Rules states:

"Team has 3 attempts to achieve a full lap. The time of the first successful lap is the time recorded for the team."


Then a certain situation can have a place which is described as follows:

On the first lap car on purpose falls out from the track just before the finish line. During the second time it attempts to finish the lap but using informations gathered during the first lap.


Also, now there are two different matters.

How the referees will check if the vehicle is able to memorize the track and what are the consequences?

The other matter is connected with one of the last year's team. The team used an algorithm which allowed their car to record the route and in the result it led them to winning the race.