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i.MX6SoloLite Evaluation Kit u-boot build and test issues

Question asked by jayakumar2 on Nov 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by Anson Huang



I'm trying to create a SD card image for the i.MX6SoloLite Evaluation Kit using the binaries that I build from ltib. I'm using L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816_source. After the ltib build completed, things looked okay. I did:

./ltib -m prep -p u-boot

./ltib -m scbuild -p u-boot

and got the binary:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 lucid lucid 188844 /home/lucid/6sl/ltib/rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08/u-boot.bin


Since I chose the evk mfg spec by default, I correctly see:

+ make HOSTCC=ccache /usr/bin/gcc -B/usr/bin/ CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- O=/home/lucid/6sl/ltib/rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08 mx6sl_evk_mfg_config

in the build output.


When I tested this on the EVK, I see:

U-Boot 2009.08 (Nov 06 2013 - 02:40:41)


CPU: Freescale i.MX6 family TO1.2 at 396 MHz

Thermal sensor with ratio = 182

Temperature:   33 C, calibration data 0x57f5115f

mx6q pll1: 792MHz

mx6q pll2: 528MHz

mx6q pll3: 480MHz

mx6q pll8: 50MHz

ipg clock     : 49500000Hz

ipg per clock : 49500000Hz

uart clock    : 80000000Hz

cspi clock    : 60000000Hz

ahb clock     : 99000000Hz

axi clock   : 198000000Hz

emi_slow clock: 99000000Hz

ddr clock     : 396000000Hz

usdhc1 clock  : 198000000Hz

usdhc2 clock  : 198000000Hz

usdhc3 clock  : 198000000Hz

usdhc4 clock  : 198000000Hz

Board: MX6SoloLite-EVK (0x60212): [ POR ]

Boot Device: SD

I2C:   ready

DRAM:  512 MB


Using default environment


In:    serial

Out:   serial

Err:   serial

Found PFUZE100! deviceid=10,revid=11

Net:   got MAC address from IIM: 00:04:9f:02:c5:d9


Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

Wrong Image Format for bootm command

ERROR: can't get kernel image!


It looks like the u-boot build does not default to reading from block 2048 of mmc1 which is where the uImage is supposed to be. If I manually do:

mmc dev 1

mmc read ${loadaddr} 0x800 0x16B8

bootm ${loadaddr}             


Then it gets further.

## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 80800000 ...

   Image Name:   Linux-3.0.35-2666-gbdde708

   Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)

   Data Size:    2977428 Bytes =  2.8 MB

   Load Address: 80008000

   Entry Point:  80008000

   Verifying Checksum ... OK

   Loading Kernel Image ... OK



Starting kernel ...


Linux version 3.0.35-2666-gbdde708 (lucid@ubuntu) (gcc version 4.6.2 20110630 (prerelease) (Freescale MAD -- Linaro 2011.07 -- Built at 2011/08/10 09:20) ) #1 PREEMPT Mon Nov 4 23:54:56 PST 2013

CPU: ARMv7 Processor [412fc09a] revision 10 (ARMv7), cr=10c53c7d

CPU: VIPT nonaliasing data cache, VIPT aliasing instruction cache

Machine: Freescale i.MX 6SoloLite EVK Board

Memory policy: ECC disabled, Data cache writeback

CPU identified as i.MX6SoloLite, silicon rev 1.2

Built 1 zonelists in Zone order, mobility grouping on.  Total pages: 130048

Kernel command line: noinitrd console=ttymxc0,115200 root=/dev/mtdblock2 rw rootfstype=jffs2 ip=off

PID hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)

Dentry cache hash table entries: 65536 (order: 6, 262144 bytes)

Inode-cache hash table entries: 32768 (order: 5, 131072 bytes)

Memory: 512MB = 512MB total

Memory: 513756k/513756k available, 10532k reserved, 0K highmem

Virtual kernel memory layout:

    vector  : 0xffff0000 - 0xffff1000   (   4 kB)

    fixmap  : 0xfff00000 - 0xfffe0000   ( 896 kB)

    DMA     : 0xf4600000 - 0xffe00000   ( 184 MB)

    vmalloc : 0xa0800000 - 0xf2000000   (1304 MB)

    lowmem  : 0x80000000 - 0xa0000000   ( 512 MB)

    pkmap   : 0x7fe00000 - 0x80000000   (   2 MB)

    modules : 0x7f000000 - 0x7fe00000   (  14 MB)

      .init : 0x80008000 - 0x80036000   ( 184 kB)

      .text : 0x80036000 - 0x8056db38   (5343 kB)

      .data : 0x8056e000 - 0x805b7ce0   ( 296 kB)

       .bss : 0x805b7d04 - 0x805d9d38   ( 137 kB)



I was wondering if I'm doing something odd or should I not expect it to work with the defaults. It looks like I'll need to modify the u-boot config to change bootcmd to get it to work.