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Building QT5 on i.MX51

Question asked by Al Se on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2013 by jimmychan


Let me start by saying that I have looked everywhere in order to find a proper tutorial that explains how to run QT5 on i.MX51, but I have not been successful so far and I started this thread to gather all the information in one place instead. (there are some discussions but these are old and use older version of everything which is not really interesting anymore)


  • What BSP should I start with and what Linux distribution should I use as host?
  • What extra packages are required in order to build QT5 for the target?
  • Does anybody know of any tutorial that I can use in order to build QT5?
  • I will need OpenGL ES2, does that enforce some other requirement somehow?


The best documentation so far is (All Boards Qt v2) but it uses qt4.6 which is really old and freescale ltib which is based on Ubuntu 10 which is a couple of years old as well.