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No Video on Android Build for i.MX6DL

Question asked by Paul DeMetrotion on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Yamil Garcia
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I have an Android build environment that creates an Android BSP for a proprietary device based on the i.MX6Q/DL/Solo. The BSP works fine for the i.MX6Q device but I cannot get video to work on the i.MX6DL device. I use the same build environment except for a few changes for unsupported features on the DL version.


The MX6DL board boots fine and is usable from the console. The LVDS screen is solid white with no GUI. I am able to blank the screen to solid black by echoing data to /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank. So it appears that the frame buffers are being configured properly. Using adb it does not appear that there is any major difference in the bug report when comparing the two boards. The drivers being loaded in /sys/modules and /sys/device/platform are almost identical except for the removed functions.


I found the following message on the Community site: This is similar to my issue because I had the "COULD NOT SET GP VOLTAGE" messages. By removing the duplicate regulator initialization, I was able to eliminate the messages but still no graphics appear.


Has anybody seen issues similar to this? Any additional debug ideas would also be appreciated. Thanks.