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Enable interrupt MCF52

Discussion created by Stefano Marini on Aug 1, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2007 by Paul McConkey
Good morning, I have a eva-board MCF5272C3 that mount a uP MCF5272. I use this with a Profibus board (VPC3+ made by profichip) that it need to receive the enable of its interrupt. The engineer of profichip says me to tell you to have these answers. In fact I need of:
1. How to define the interrupt routine in C?
es in the example of Amtel's board, using C51 compiler there is
void ISR (void) interrupt 0

2. How to enable the external interrupt in order to activate the data_exchange, request to send etc etc (to VPC3+)?
Please, I need so fast of your answers
thank you