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How does linux plumb graphics drivers to an app

Question asked by kevin.chaves on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by kevin.chaves
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So we've got a prototype board based on nitrogen6x with a screen that isn't supported by any devkit. The driver is in the kernel, and we have a basic framebuffer that works for drawing to the screen.


I'm not really sure what to do next. I'm not familar with linux, none of software developers in our department are familar with linux... and i'm not sure how to get the open gl examples working with our newly created framebuffer. Google is of little help since most basic searches come up with mostly desktop stuff that isn't really relevant.


if any one can explain to me, and act as if i'm a 5 year old, how linux graphic's stack works, what steps i may need to take in order to get my driver hooked up and exposed so that opengl/vivante can use it, or show me your favorite resource that can explain most of this to a 5 year old...


any way, many thanks for any help, its much appreciated.