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creating MPC850 object for a Cyclone Max

Discussion created by Andrew Lohmann on Aug 1, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by Andrew Lohmann
I am evaluating a P&E Cyclone Max. We have old version of CodeWarrior 5.02, that we use for software maintainance and programming are target boards. We have been working this way for some years.

Our application includes a flash variant which copies the object to RAM then programs the object in RAM to flash. There is a debug variant that does not include the flash programmer, where object is loaded and run from RAM.

The Cyclone Max includes it own programmer algorithums, so I have attempted to use the debug object with the flash base address set (to 0xFFE00000). The cyclone apears to flash the object successfully, but the target does not run after. The Base address of SDRAM is 0x0.

Another option I have tried is to use a wiggler with Macregor Systems OCD of Flash programmer. The OCD requires SDRAM configuration from a file. I could do with an example if someone would suggest where I would find an example.