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Using httpsrv to access web pages on SDcard

Question asked by Gene Goff on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by Karel Mozny
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My project is based on the Quick Start Demo for the K60 where it used the httpd web server framework and accesses web pages in the SDcard which worked fine.  I updated my project using the httpsrv framework from the httpsrv example project and everything works fine (serving web pages from flash is good) but any web pages on the SDcard come up as 404 Page Not Found.  I see there is a root directory alias structure HTTPD_ROOT_DIR_STRUCT root_dir[] in the httpd web server which I have changed to const HTTPSRV_ALIAS http_aliases[] and kept the contents of the structure the same.  There's also a function to check if the SDcard is installed with a signature static void sdcard_status_fn(HTTPD_SESSION_STRUCT *session) which I have changed to static _mqx_int sdcard_status_fn(HTTPSRV_SSI_PARAM_STRUCT* param).  I think I've got this function coded fine and everything compiles fine, just web pages on the SDcard come up as 404 Page Not Found.  Anything else I'm missing using the httpsrv framework and accessing web pages on the SDcard?