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Simple I2S setup in Linux kernel

Question asked by Kristian Lein-Mathisen on Nov 5, 2013
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I'm new to the Linux Asoc stack and we have a custom nitrogen6x-like PCB with an i.MX6 hooked up to a DSP (ADAU1701) via I2S.


When I boot with my nitrogen6-kernel, I see the following: <3>asoc: failed to instantiate card sgtl5000-audio: -19.

Since our custom PCB doesn't have a SGTL5000, that's expected: /proc/asound/cards is empty.

What are the changes I need to make in order to skip the detection of SGTL5000 and force the use of the I2S outputs of the i.MX6 instead?

We would, as a first step, just like to have the ability to send an audio-signal over our I2S bus in order to verify our hardware.

I have looked at I2S and DMA configuration imx6 sabre sdb and i2s or SPDIF support in linux kernel without much success.