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i.MX6 IVT structure -- question

Question asked by Dmitry Varakin on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by Simmis Xu



I have a generic question regarding i.MX6 IVT structure. I will refer to i.MX6 Platform SDK apps and u-boot binaries.

DCD section is used for setting up DDR memory both in SDK tests and in u-boot. DCD section itself is linked to DDR memory address space. Also if you look inside a binary you can find that ivt.dcd is pointing to DDR memory location:


# ./ivt_dump ./power_modes_test.bin

DCD: 0x10000430 (DDR)


# ./ivt_dump ./u-boot.bin

DCD: 0x2780042C (DDR)


So it looks like we should have DCD placed in DDR, but DDR is not yet initialized by DCD. I know that DCD should reside in initial load region and thus ti will be loaded to OCRAM. But how ROM will find the real DCD location based only on ivt.dcd, which is poiniting to non-initialized DDR?