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Help with TWR-MPC5125 and uboot

Question asked by Rob Deker on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Sinan Akman

Hi all,


New to the freescale TWR architecture and my first foray is using the TWR-MPC5125. In walking through the user guide and setting up tftp server/nfs  for root/uboot env./etc. I seem to have mucked something up. In the process of updating the uboot environment to match the doc, I had a cut-n-paste error which resulted in the line below getting incorrectly entered:


setenv console "$consdev,$baudrate;nand_r $kernel_loader_addr $flash_kernel 0x400000;nand_r $dft_loader_addr $flash_dtb 0x3000;bootm $kernel_loader_addr - $fdt_loader_addr fdt_name mpc5125-twr.dtb"


What happened was that extra carriage returns got added in by mistake and it instead got:


console=$consdev,$baudrate;nand_r $kernel_loader_addr $flash_kernel

0x400000;nand_r $dft_loader_addr $flash_dtb 0x3000;bootm

$kernel_loader_addr - $fdt_loader_addr



The board began trying to incorrectly tftp boot, and I was able to break back to a uboot prompt. Since I had messed up the environment, but had NOT written it back to flash with savenv, I reset the board to do it again properly. Now I get no console at power-on.


So, I guess the question is, "Can I fix this without a JTAG flash?". Any pointers or help would be GREATLY appreciated.