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I2C multimaster using Processor Expert ?

Question asked by crossbow on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Antonio Quevedo



I wish to use the multimaster feature of I2C between multiple Kl25z Freedom boards.


I'm using the Processor Expert LDD_I2C component which mentions multimaster is supported, but there is almost no information:

"The combined format of communication possible (see "MasterSendBlock or MasterReceiveBlock" methods - parameter "SendStop")"


When looking at these methods there is no mention of multimaster and the SendStop parameter does not seem related, and there is no indication for its use in the multimaster context.


I have also not found any multimaster example(s), either in polling or interrupt mode.


So please could you help me to find documentation, samples, guidelines or function calls - events sequence, for multimaster I2C using Processor Expert?

Thank you.