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Trying to use Processor Expert and failing

Question asked by Jan Rychter on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by Michel Hebert

I'm new to the Kinetis family. I am trying to use Processor Expert, as I really like the idea — but even with seemingly simple tasks I end up running into huge problems.

Here's an example. I created an application on the FRDM-KL05 board, it generates three PWM signals (driving the on-board LED) with slowly changing duty cycles. I used three PWM_LDD drivers, all sharing a single TimerUnit. Another TimerUnit is used by a TimerInt LDD, which slowly generates events where I change the duty cycle of the three PWMs.

I managed to click all this into working shape and had it successfully run on the FRDM board. Everything worked. But when, later in the day, I came back and re-opened that project, it was full of errors. It shows conflicting pins, even though there were no conflicts before. And after opening the TU1 TimerUnit one can see that things are really messed up: some settings seem to be duplicated and there are indeed conflicts there, even though there are no conflicts in the PWM LDDs that use the TimerUnit. I've attached screenshots.


There are two problems here: one — how did Processor Expert get into that state? Is that a bug? If it is, and if I can hit a bug like this with a simple app, do people actually use Processor Expert for larger projects? And second problem — how do I fix this? I didn't think I was supposed to meddle in the "referenced components", I thought the whole point was that PE would manage those for me?


Am I doing something wrong?


This is with CodeWarrior 10.5.