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EIM_DATA23 is special?

Question asked by john huang on Oct 31, 2013

I created my ownboard based on IMX6Q. I use BSP 13.4.1

from Freescale.


As I saw in the code:


static struct max8903_pdata charger1_data = {



    .chg = SABRESD_CHARGE_CHG_1_B,

    .flt = SABRESD_CHARGE_FLT_1_B,

    .dcm_always_high = true,

    .dc_valid = true,

    .usb_valid = true,



That max8903 use SABRESD_CHARGE_CHG_1_B

(IMX_GPIO_NR(3, 23)) as charger status pin. But on my

board, i used this pin for another purpose (i don't have

max8903 on my board). But when i changed IMX_GPIO_NR(3,

23) to output to adapt my own purpose, kernel stoping.


So i assume that in the kernel booting process, kernel check

the value of this GPIO pin. I disable all items related to

max8903 in imx6_android_defconfig. But kernel still stoping.


So i have a question, how can i use IMX_GPIO_NR(3,23) for

my own purpose.

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