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CAN transmission can not be completed after starting one transmission

Question asked by Kun Xu on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by Kun Xu

Hi , I started one transmission of MSCAN using the code as follows. However, the program is always running in the code"while ( (CAN1TFLG & txbuffer) != txbuffer);". And can not jump out. I checked the registers, and the CAN1TFLG=0b00000110. Which means TX0 buffer in not empty after I start one transmission. What is the problem?



CAN1TBSEL = CAN1TFLG; /* Select lowest empty buffer */

txbuffer = CAN1TBSEL; /* Backup selected buffer */


CAN1TFLG = txbuffer; /* Start transmission */

while ( (CAN1TFLG & txbuffer) != txbuffer); /* Wait for Transmission* completion*/