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Can't build MQX 4.0 examples using IAR

Question asked by Chris Lawton on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by Chris Lawton

I am trying to build the hello example in mqx/examples using IAR Embedded Workbench (EWARM 6.6).  I created an empty workspace and added the project (mqx\examples\hello\iar\hello_twrk40x256\hello_twrk40x256.ewp) to it.  When I built the project, I got this error message:

"cannot open source file mqx.h"


I looked at the include paths listed in the project settings, and the path to this file was missing.  After adding <blah-blah>\mqx\include to the path list, the error message changed to:

"cannot open source file "psptypes.h"


Apparently, the project file doesn't know where to find any of the MQX headers.  I tried building a different example using a different target choice, with the same result.  I have already built the MQX library without issue.


How can I fix this?