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PHP how to update

Question asked by Scott Penner on Oct 31, 2013
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I am working with an i.MX6 dev board.

I am using ltib to create the uboot/kernel/fs image.


My project uses the apache webserver with PHP.

I need to use json encoding functions through PHP which became enabled by default on PHP version 5.2.x.

The version that is created by ltib is 5.0.4, so it doesnt reconize the json functions.


The current spec file for PHP includes 4 patches that have something to do with the fsl, crosscompiling and zend.

I've tried copying the binaries for PHP 5.5.5 (the latest) into /opt/freescale/pkgs and reworking the spec and patch files, but the build fails, also fails if I dont include the patches.


When I try to build, i get to the PHP package, then fail at the point of checking to enable DOM support.

configure error: DOM extension requires LIBXML extension, add --enable-libxml


When i check through ltib, I find ---libxml2 is enabled by default and I cant even unselect it, so I'm not sure where I would perform this; add --enable-libxml


How to do I update this PHP package?! or do I look for a patch for json functions?


Thanks for any insight!