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P4080DS reflector is not working

Question asked by Ankur Saxena on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by Yiping Wang



I am new to Freescale so my questions might be very basic


1. How to identify the revision of P4080DS board?

    My u-boot prints "CPU0:  P4080E, Version: 3.0" in the very startup, is this the revision?

2. as per the SDK fm1-gb1 port is used for Linux kernel which is on the main board, I am not able to ping through this port even the ifconfig shows it is RUNNING, port has RED led


3. I do not have any XAUI card so I programmed SerDes 0x10 RCW rcw_5g_1500mhz.bin, uboot, fman to the flash and boot from bank4, I loaded fsl-image-core and trying sample

    application reflector but it is giving following error


ERR : Invocation of FM_PORT_Open for fm1/port/1G/3 failed

ERR : Invocation of FM_PCD_Disable for fm0/pcd failed with error code 0x00010028

Found /fsl,dpaa/dpa-fman0-oh@1, Tx Channel = 46, FMAN = 0, Port ID = 1

Found /fsl,dpaa/ethernet@5, Tx Channel = 61, FMAN = 1, Port ID = 0

Found /fsl,dpaa/ethernet@6, Tx Channel = 62, FMAN = 1, Port ID = 1

Found /fsl,dpaa/ethernet@7, Tx Channel = 63, FMAN = 1, Port ID = 2

ERR: drivers/fman/fman.c:279:fman_if_init()

Unknown error -22: /soc@ffe000000/fman@500000/ethernet@e6000: no local-mac-address

ERR: drivers/fman/fman.c:449:fman_init()

Unknown error -22: if_init(/fsl,dpaa/ethernet@8)

Tearing down /fsl,dpaa/ethernet@5

Tearing down /fsl,dpaa/ethernet@6

Tearing down /fsl,dpaa/ethernet@7

apps/lib/usdpaa_netcfg_layer.c:488:usdpaa_netcfg_acquire(): fman driver init failed (ERRNO = -22)

error: failed to load configuration


I followed the steps given by the SDK. Any help is appreciated.