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P2040: Problem with setup eTSEC1 as GPIO output

Question asked by andreykondratenko on Oct 30, 2013

I have a problem with using eTSEC1 signal group as a GPIO30, GPIO31.


It retains "0" on this pins (EC1_TXD1/GPIO[30] , EC1_TXD3/GPIO[31]).


RCW seems to be right (RCW[2C]: F8 DA 4E F6), it was generated by "Configuration Suite".

Other functions (ex. SDRAM, SDHC, NAND, ...) and other GPIO working good.


Reason was: two RCW fields for one purpose. To activate GPIO 30-31, both RCW 352-353, 360-361 fields to be properly setted (0b11, 0b01). Last one has unobvious description "01: 1588 and external timestamping functionality."