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CW4.5 Compiler or Linker Trouble? The same code without any problem in other OS compiler and linker.

Discussion created by Yucheng Zhang on Jul 31, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by CrasyCat
Environment: CW4.5, S12XDP512, C.
I have a structure declaration as follows:
typedef struct w4MsgWindowUDT_t
   W4PositionUDT curxy; /* the cursor current coordinates*/
   W4PositionUDT orgxy; /* the orginal coordinates, when scrolling, it will change*/
   W4WindowUDT DispWin; /* the window location and size*/
    W4WindowUDT MsgWin;  /* the window location and size*/
   unsigned char IsActive ;       /* the tag of Active*/
   unsigned char IsVisible ;      /* the tage of visible*/
    unsigned char UnitLength;
    unsigned char Refresh;
    unsigned char IsAllRowDisplayed;
    unsigned char IsAllColDisplayed;
    unsigned char IsEditable;
    unsigned char IsMsgDataDirty;
    unsigned char IsDispDataDirty;
    unsigned char IsPhaseData;
    unsigned char IsKeyEntered;
    unsigned char PageNo;
    unsigned char PageID;
    u_int8 (*pt2Get)(void);
    u_int8 (*pt2Put)(void);
    u_int8 (*pt2KeyProc)(void);
   struct w4MsgWindowUDT_t *hw; /* horizontal window*/
    struct w4MsgWindowUDT_t *vw; /* vertical window*/
    struct w4MsgWindowUDT_t *nw; /* next chained display window*/
    struct w4MsgWindowUDT_t *ow; /* overlaped active window*/
    struct w4MsgWindowUDT_t *np; /* next chained page window for data display*/
    unsigned char *msg;
Then, I define a variable initialized with default data:
/*                           cur , org,     Disp win      Msg Win      Ac, Vi,UL,RF,RD,CD,ED,MD,DD,PD,KE,PN,PI,Get        Put         Key               Hw        Vw       Nw         Ow    Np*/
W4MsgWindowUDT Table6DW = {{1,16},{0,0},{{2,25},{8,40}},{{1,1},{31,16}},1, 1, 16, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,&GetDataT6,&SaveDataT6,TableDataKeyProc,&Table6HW,&Table6VW,&Table6VW,NULL, NULL,NULL};

The problem is that one of the members "np" should be pointed to NULL according to declaration. However, it is pointed to a non-null data after having a check in Debug mode. It will have it right value unitl I explicitly re-assign it as NULL in my iniitial routine like this:
Table6DW.np = NULL;
I guess this CW compiler or linker cause me a lot of trouble. Since I have the samiliar code running on the Operating System OS-9 without any problem, in which I am using Radisys Hawk.
Any inputs will be appreciated greately.