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iMX6 Solo processor

Question asked by jeffreycollins on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by EdWhite

I have a Boundary Devices board with a iMX6 Solo Processor. I am using the linaro-raring-developer-20130926.tgz linux distribution I downloaded from their web site. I believe this is booting to a 1280x720 format display via HDMI. I only know this due to the bootscript that came with the linux distribution. Is there a command line tool that will report back the current display resolution? In any case I have compile my own OpenGL ES 1.0 code and have gotten it to display. Just a note, this distribution does not have X installed, and is using the frame buffer driver.


I am experiencing the following problems.

1. The visual I am get when I call vdkSetupEGL with the width=1280 and the height=720 returns a 640x480 surface. Calling vdkGetWindowInfo to return the width and height confirms this. In fact all the tutorial demos uses what is returned by vdkGetWindowInfoto set up viewports and projections. Even though the surface is only 640x480, it is streatched by the driver to fill the whole 1080p display I am using to see the graphics.

2. When I request a surface with the call vdkSetupEGL where my config attributes has EGL_SAMPLES set to 4, so I can get antialiased objects, I get no graphics displayed in  moderately complex scene. If all I draw is a single antialiased line, I do see that.

3. The OpenGL state machine for OpenGL ES 1.0 only works for simple objects drawn. It does not track states like blending, stenciling and other things correctly.


Is there any fixes for these problems?