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I.mx6 manufacturing tool and associative documentation

Question asked by jasonhaedt on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Yixing Kong
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I'm working on an Firmware updater intended for the end-user.


I already wrote my own code that sends a program image through the Microsoft USB HID driver and gets the board to boot it up (serial downloader boot mode).


Now that the program image is running, I want to have a way of communicating with it and send arbitrary commands. (In effect, I'm cloning the Manufacturing tool.) I found the documentation about UTP (Manufacturing Tool V2 UTP Introduction.docx).


I added to the Linux kernel the Freescale UTP over Mass storage Driver, got the /dev/utp node and the board appears a mass storage device when plugged into Windows. Is there any documentation on how to interface with /dev/utp?


I see that the Manufacturing tool's image uses "uuc 0.4" as it's UTP command interpreter. I wouldn't mind using that instead of writing my own; it does everything I need. Is there documentation about its command format?


Is there any sample code on the Windows side for sending UTP "packets" through the usbstor.sys driver? That would speed up my development.