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[Q1]The file ce.bib must be deleted befor we can build project--[i.MX53-WEC7 ]

Question asked by john Phy on Oct 30, 2013
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   Thanks for your attenion.

   We are using  I.MX53 running WEC7. The registery storage is "Hive-based Registry" and the file system is  "RAM and ROM file system".

   There are some problems need your help. Any suggestion is welcome, thanks!


[Q1]. The file ce.bib must be deleted befor we can build project


   The file ce.bib (.\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release) must be deleted befor we make "Build Current BSP and subprojects",or it will fail and notify:  


  Q flag encountered, adding module k.locale.dll

  Q flag encountered, adding module k.sorting.dll

  Q flag encountered, adding module k.normalize.dll

  Error: Incorrect number of tokens found parsing file

    found: 'xamlruntimecore.dll'  'D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\xamlruntimecore.dll'  'NK'  'SH'  'C'  'C'

  xamlruntimecore.dll D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\xamlruntimecore.dll NK SH C C


  Error: failed setting line

D:\WINCE700\public\common\oak\misc\makeimg.proj(680,5): error MSB3073: Command "romimage D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\ce.bib " returned 1.




   And we found that in ce.bib the "NK SHC" has been changed to "NK  SH C C",  how to rectify it?



   xamlruntime.dll       D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\xamlruntime.dll     NK      SHC

   xamlruntimecore.dll   D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\xamlruntimecore.dll  NK  SH C C

   xamlrenderplugin.dll  D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\XRRendererOpenGL.dll NK      SHC

   libEGL.dll            D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\libEGL.dll           NK      SHC

   libGLESv2.dll         D:\WINCE700\osdesigns\iMX53_Mobility\RelDir\Freescale_i_MX53_SMD_ARMV7_Release\libGLESv2.dll        NK      SHC



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