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how to change the u-boot environment to NAND when saveenv on i.MX28 coustom board

Question asked by yongki min on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by yongki min

Hi I'm work on my custom board base on i.im28 evk.


The u-boot image ( was flashing with Mfgtool and I modified ucl.xml. My board does not have MMC.

So I'd like to change the u-boot environment variable to NAND without MMC.


The log is

MX28 U-Boot > saveenv

Saving Environment to MMC...

MMC0: No card detected!

MMC init failed


Can you tell me how to change it.


I got the u-boot source code this command.

./ltib -p u-boot -m prep


That source code is build.