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Returning the TWR-K70F120M back to as received functionality

Question asked by JD Jenzano on Oct 28, 2013

We asked Freescale about - Re-installing the demo programs on the TWR-K70F120M Board we could not find the files and we were wanted to be able to restore the board back to the as received condition if we
needed to (to be able to verify it was still functional if we had some prototyping problem like - we blew it up!)

They answered - You can find the file in our website under the name TWR-K70F120M_QSD :
– We did not know that this file was the file to return the board back to the original as received functionality


This was also a help since we saw - REV C of the TWR-K70F120M_REVC_QSG is there that has the current (REV C we have) J18 jumper settings We did not know that the TWR-K70F120M Web page "Featured
Documentation" links can be older REVs (original?) and we needed to look for the newer versions to match the board we purchased REV on the"Documentation" tab and also TWR-K70F120M-SCH_C: TWR-K70F120M schematics rev C document is found under the "Downloads" tab - The Freescale Rev methods are a little confusing to us. It was nice that the QS hardcopy received with the board was the one that matched the board REV.So we will now look more closely at the hard copy document version and the REV on the boards we receive. (We have gotten in the habit of ignoring the hard copy and going to the WEB for most up to date documents.)