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Discussion created by JD Jenzano on Oct 27, 2013
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We asked Freescale  because we could not find the information in the design pack for the TWR-K70F120M -  "We are looking for the part number of plugs or headers like the ones we have with the TWRP-TOUCH-STR Kit for some preliminary software methods testing - We also did purchase some TWR-PROTO for use after what we would like to test on using the J3-J5 TWPRI TWR-K70F120M signals."

They responded -

J3 is from SAMTEC and part number is TFC-110-32-L-D-A-K.

J5 is also from SAMTEC and part number is TFC-110-02-L-D-A-K


We decided just to use TWR-PROTO cause we did not find the mating connectors real easy to get and the TWR-PROTO is nice.