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Slow, jerky mouse on android (i.mx6DL)

Question asked by jf simon on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Mosee Neview
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We have a design based on i.mx6dl. I am running latest JB on it. My screen is HDMI.  Android comes up fine but the mouse is very slow with a choppy motion.

On that design, when I am using the same linux kernel on LTIB with X, the mouse runs perfectly. So I think my kernel is OK.


I am not sure where to look.  When under android,  "logcat" prints a _lot_ of these messages:


(E/FslHwcomposer( 2177): FBIO_WAITFORVSYNC error: Invalid argument).


I think that these error messages are worrysome. But I am not sure they are related to my mouse problem.


Any ideas,


-jf simon